Bomb exploded targeting NC candidate Mahat duo

Nuwakot : A bomb has been exploded targeting the Nepali Congress Nuwakot district constituency number 1 candidate for the House of Representatives election, Dr Ram Sharan Mahat and the Nepali Congress candidate towards the State Assembly in province 2, Ramesh Kumar Mahat at Kaule Thana of Kakani rural municipality today. The bomb was exploded targeting the vehicle carrying the Mahat duo while on an election campaign. Although five Nepali Congress cadres have been injured in the bomb explosion, the two candidates are safe. The bomb went off while a door-to-door election campaign was in progress in course of the election campaign. The incident took place at 10 am today and the device that was exploded looks like a 'pressure cooker bomb' (improvised explosive device), according to Ramesh Kumar Mahat. Those injured due to the shrapnel from the IED include Nepali Congress cadres Upendra Mishra, Bhesh Kumar Tamang, Sabin Lama, Ramesh Rai, among others. Some of the injured are in serious condition, it is stated. The injured have been hurt in various parts of the body. Those critically injured in the incident have been taken to Kathmandu for treatment. Although the explosion was targeted at the vehicle (registration plate number Ba 14 Cha7041) carrying the two election candidates, it was not caught up in the explosion as it had already passed. But the vehicle (Ba 16 Cha 665) carrying the party cadres was hit by the explosion. The vehicle has been completely shattered due to the explosion, Deputy Superintendent of Police at the District Police Office, Madhukar Jung Bista, said. Nepal Communist Party has taken responsibility for the explosion. (RSS)